Can your career be automated?

A few close friends at work and I eat out lunch quite often. We get into these chats about how complete classes of the job force are becoming, well…not jobs anymore. With the evolution of mechanical automation, electrical, and now computerized, many jobs are being replaced with software and hardware automation.

Is your career suspect to be some future algorithm running in the cloud?

There has been some recent campaigns trying to reach out and educate on how important it is that EVERYBODY become programmers, developers, creative innovators. is one of the most recognized.

Great, good and even not so good developers are pretty much set for the long haul. Check these books out:

As a developer myself, I find it challenging and very rewarding work, even so much that it is my hobby too! It’s also a pretty decent living :) and gives me a great chance to support my family with low stress.

I also have been coaching my kids on technology and creative thinking to try and set them up for future success. In future posts, I plan on sharing some of my views on parenting with technology and progressive exposure. It is important that they also learn the needed soft skills to navigate real life. Working in teams and communicating effectively are still top tier skills.


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